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    I have a linux reseller account. Is is possible to set MySQL to be case insensitive?

    Thanks Stu

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    My understanding of this part of the reference you gave "...Consequently, the case sensitivity of the underlying operating system determines the case sensitivity of database and table names. This means database and table names are case sensitive in most varieties of Unix, and not case sensitive in Windows" means that no, you probably cannot make MySQL case-insensitive, however I'm no outright expert on this.

    For these sorts of questions I'd normally email Support directly ...

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      I agree with 247h - if your on shared unix hosting there is virtually zero chance of getting the default changed.

      Out of interest - why would you want it case insensitive in the first place?
      David Allen -


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        one can compile Aspell Pspell with Apache to ignore case but this is limited to webpages served by Apache. I've never seen anything for MySQL so far.
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          Originally posted by DavidAllen View Post
          Out of interest - why would you want it case insensitive in the first place?
          A programming colleague was just being lazy. He used SQL Server queries like this
          select * from PRODUCTS;
          select * from proudcts;
          Which would never have worked.

          Anyway he sorted it now he is using upper-case throughout.

          Cheers Stu
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            Case sensitivity is not any users property that can be changed. It is related to system, once it is defined then further changing is not possible.


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              So there is no easy way of changing this value ( lower_case_table_names ) in an excisting database/table?

              I am hosting a few websites on a vps hosting account and one of my clients asked if he could change this on his account.