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Moving a MySQL database from old host

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  • Moving a MySQL database from old host

    Hi there,

    I'm looking to move a web site hosting lock, stock and barrel from my old host to my eUKHost.

    This will involve moving an MySQL database.

    Can someone advise me the best way to do this? Is it just a case of backing up my current DB using PhPMyAdmin and then improting it using MyAdmin on my eUKHost account?

    I've never actually done this before so some advice would be really welcome!
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    if you have cpanel control panel with your old hosting company then the best option is to make a MySQL Server backup from backup section of control panel and then restore it from restore section of your control panel with us. if you dont have cpanel with other hosting company then you will need to download a full backup of database from phpmyadmin and restore it on our server from phpmyadmin.
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      I must say if you've got access to phpmyadmin on both servers a simple export and import does the job very well - I've used this method many times without any problems. :smile:


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        Great - thanks alot
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          I think both ways will work sufficiently well for what you want to do. I think its just a matter of preference .
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            Personaly I'd dump the database as if it's above a certain size you'll struggle getting it to work.


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              I'd certainly do a backup of the database from phpmyadmin first. Then if your old host had cpanel i'd get support here to do the copy over for you (especially if you wanted email and other settings copied as well)
              if that fails for some reason you've always got you backup to rely on
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                I am replying late and I hope the migration has already been done succeffully and the web site hosting is living happily ever after.

                For the benefit of others, a small suggestion:
                Don't delete the database from old host until a few days into the new host. This could be useful in case of compatibility issues if any.

                Keeping the IP address(es) of the old host also comes handy as you'd probably have moved your domain also to the new host.