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    PHP MySQL Database Hosting

    PHP - MySQL Database Hosting Is there currently a problem with MySQL as I've noticed in the past couple of days I've been experiencing...
    Can't connect to mySQL database. Too many connections
    ...error messages on occasions, usually for no more than a minute at a time.
    To err is human, but to really screw up you need a computer.

    I am having the exact same problem with my website database, but when i contacted the support team they want me to sign up for a more expensive account. I had a large database on my website, so i split it up into 8 pieces and made 8 different users for each database and they are still claiming im using too much on 3 databases which i find crazy as i have had much more traffic than this and never had this problem with my website.


      Well I am getting Over 300 Warnings a day that there is a problem with the MYSQL connection.

      Guess what EUKHOST keep saying..............There is no problem!!!!

      This has happend over the last 2 weeks and i have spent many hours trying to get to the bottom of it

      This website hosting is on server 3 for now .....................I wont be renewing my Platinum Account if this continues

      I have already moved 20 of my other website hostings that were on server 6 to another server..........with another Host of course!

      Watch this space!


        It seemed there was MySQL problems last night, around 10pm the database was down for atleast 10mins (I went to bed so can't be sure if it was longer). I noticed the server load was flashing read and at one point clocked at 14.0, normally it's less than 1.
        To err is human, but to really screw up you need a computer.


          Very Interesting!

          My website hosting was down from 18:45 till Midnight well 00:02. The reason was that they suspended the MYSQL on my account as they said the server was overloading. but from your comments above the server was still overloading after my MYSQL was taken down?

          They tried all night to send me the report for the server load to prove to me that there was a problem via email but were unable....we tried 3 different email addresses and they never arrived?

          Oh yea they did try and get me to sign up to a dedicated server too! (maybe they have some spare ones they want shifting!

          I think they think all website hostings have a couple of HTML pages with maybe a picture of a dog or something on it and are not geared up to deal with website hostings that use MYSQL etc

          Oh by the way I have 4 other website hostings on other servers with another hosting provider that have no problems at all, And these are using over 2gb a day bandwidth
          so the MYSQL side of things must be better there! (these website hostings had constant problems when they were on server 6 with EUKHOST!) THATS WHY I MOVED THEM.

          I personally think they have some problems and as normal are trying to blame it on everyone else. Possibly too many website hostings on the same server (pack them in tight!)


            Hello Gary,

            You had many MySQL queires running for your database which was a reason for MySQL downtime on the server but the problem was sorted later when we modified some config files on certain accounts which were using pconnect string.

            You should contact our helpdesk if you are facing any other problem with your website hosting.
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              Just out of interest are u running phpNuke or Zen cart, plus others.
              As I've had probs in the past with hackers using a password prog. I throws user/password at your website hosting until it finds the combination that works.
              This can cause the issues you are having.
              Check the logs or ask eukhost to verify.