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    Database path

    Greeting good folks

    I am attempting to install a pirep application that requires creation of a MySQL Server db. Unfortunately to do this I need to enter the path to the database to allow installation of the field structure. Could some kind person please provide me with the path.

    Should this method fail I have the option of entering the structure using a load/execute function, can I do this from phpMyAdmin if so how as I cannot see the means within cPanel.

    If I am missing something obvious please forgive me, but a bit of assistance would be appreciated.


    OK I managed to figure out the path question but now have a different issue and my knowledge of MySQL Server is non-existent.

    Error message received

    "Connected to database!
    Database Selected!
    You have an error in your SQL Server syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ''id' int(11) unsigned NOT NULL auto_increment, `PILOT_ID` cha' at line 2
    Creation of table PILOTS failed."

    Can anyone decipher please.......

    Failing that can anyone let me know how to execute a .sql file using phpmyadmin.


      its really difficult to guess anything from such error. You will need to open a ticket for our Support Team from and they will get this sorted for you. We can see detailed errors from error logs on server so support team can easily fix this problem once you open a ticket.
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        It's ok folks I have cracked the problem. It turns out my powers of reasoning and deduction have not deserted me after all.