How to: Share a MySQL database between phpbb3 and gallery2

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    How to: Share a MySQL database between phpbb3 and gallery2

    Being a complete beginner to administrating any kind of server makes it rather difficult when it comes to trying to accomplish something that seems so easy, yet turns out to be hard to accomplish without prior knowledge of how MySQL actually works.

    So, I'll start from the top and enlist the help of the community.

    I have already installed phpbb3 via the Fantastico script.
    This has automatically created MySQL database "leftover_phpb1" and user of the same name.
    I would like to be able to use the same database of users to be able to log on and use gallery2, which I haven't installed because if I try to install it, it creates a new MySQL database (leftover_gllr1) and user.

    My question is, how would I go about sharing the database between these two programs?

    If it requires uninstalling phpbb3, I'm fine with it, as I haven't actually started the switchover from my previous free multiforums host. But if it's possible without doing so, I would be ever more the grateful.

    Thank you.

    I wonder if you've first checked the Gallery website hosting Integrations Forum?

    I don't have a direct answer to your question; I have experience of integrating Coppermine into an SMF database so that the two co-exist with a common login, but from what I can see on Gallery's forums, they have no such integration presently ...

    Have you considered Coppermine as there seems to be a bridge available for phpBB3?

    Too many nice toys too little time to play with 'em!


      I was considering that. I'm very used to gallery2, and I was hoping to find a way around it. I knew it existed, because my old forum host uses it. But thanks anyway, Coppermine looks good.

      What I did find was an experimental mod for phpbb ~ it took a few hours to get it going, but I've finally got a near perfect embedded gallery system. I could spend a few more hours getting the eye-candy installed, but I'm happy as it is. Next stop, enabling Jabber notification on phpbb3, which I can't seem to do quite yet. If I need help, I know what to do >.<