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large mysql file will not restore

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  • large mysql file will not restore

    large mysql file will not restore

    i have a larg mysql file 1.2gb it will not restore it hangs after it starts extracting tables.

    is there an easer way to upload this and get it in my db other then the phpmyadmin or the restorebecause it takes so look to upload it every time it failes i got to upload it agine..

    do you need the ssh package to use putty?

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    Please upload the database in .sql format under your account and provide us with the exact database name which you would like to restore along with your domain name under which you have uploaded that, so that we will try to restore it for you.
    But the restoration would cause high load on server hence we have to do it during off peak period(i.e during midnight).

    Nick J.


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      Please upload your backup using FTP and let us know the FTP location where you store the backup. We will take care of restoring your database from the backup.

      One can restore databases of many GB's from command line, so we can get this done from our side.

      Make sure you zip your database backup and upload as that will help you to upload your database backup in short time.
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        i got it taken care of thanks anyways


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          mysql -h hostname -u username -pthepassword databasename < dumpfile.sql
          mysql -h localhost -u root -p72aDufi8 db01 < thedumpfile.sql
          i am not sure about that but you can try out that hope it ll b work.


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            Hi Rachel.. yep, the commands provided by you for restoring the MySQL database backup are correct ones but they would be only applicable from the SSH.. Whereas on Linux shared hosting servers, it's not possible for a normal user but only root Thank you for sharing the valuable info/commands though
            Rock _a.k.a._ Jack Daniel

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