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PHP/MySQL or Python ?

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  • PHP/MySQL or Python ?

    Since, long time I am using PHP and MySQL for my high traffic websites. As nowadays, python is becoming more popular and hence, I need to know, how do you think, which one is better in terms of performance and features? Also, which hosting plan is supported by these?

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    As per my knowledge, around 70% of websites on internet are built using PHP scripting language. So, I would like to suggest you to choose PHP for your websites. The common issue people face is that it consumes much more time in understanding the syntax of it, and if you don't have complete knowledge of it then it is better to go for PHP based hosting. May be as your opinion Python is better than PHP, but according to my experience I would prefer only PHP. Also, all the hosting providers will offer you PHP and MySQL support for all types of web hosting you choose. Since, your websites are high traffic, I suggest you to opt for Dedicated Server Hosting plans.


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      Though, Python is also a good option, I would still recommend you to select PHP as it's the most widely used programming language and you will find numerous tutorials, solutions i.e. support for it on the internet which will be beneficial for you if you face any problems with it.

      However, you should be aware of the fact that as it's widely used, hackers have found numerous ways to hack the websites developed in PHP and hence you need to be very careful while programming your websites.