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    PHP site with an MP3 player...

    The header and footer stay the same in my index page, but the content is dynamically loaded.

    The issue I've got is that I'm running a theme song with a player in the footer. This is in my index page "template". It is not dynamically loaded.

    When one clicks on a page, the content is dynamically changed... but the company theme song starts replaying all over again from the beginning, even though the player code isn't "refreshed".

    How in the world can I fix this? I want just the content to change, but the song to play through. It is SO annoying and getting on my nerves.

    How do people do this?

    Is it possible that I need a new player?

    The player is 'refreshed' with each page load. Each page you navigate to contains the footer with the player, and so each page reloads the player and so starts from the beginning of the song.
    The only way to avoid this behaviour (that I can think of) is to NOT reload the footer. Thus the dynamic content portion of the page will have to be loaded by AJAX so that the player doesn't get reloaded.
    David Allen -


      DavidAllen is correct. All the content of the site has to be loaded via ajax, so that the page itself wont refresh, only the content region.

      I'm not quite sure about it, but you could also try using iframe.