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    Web Page help

    My aim is to make one basic layout etc so when I edit one thing the whole page changes. Now what id like to happen is when a link is clicked, i think, i want a text file to be called into the content part of my web page. So all i have to do is upload txt files for each page so its saves me uploading a millions new thinge to get my page updated. So basically have one layout uploaded and loads of text files just get called into the main part.

    I was maybe thinking some kind of echo command could be used for this but my search on the net has been fruitless

    Can anyone help me with this, if even a thing exists.

    Hello aoaiseqw,

    Try wordpress for your website, It has all feature which you mention above.

    Its a best Open Source CMS software till the date.
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    Please email vish[at]eukhost.com if you have any questions or need my assistance