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  • WordPress Hosting

    Wordpress Hosting
    Has anyone ever uploaded wordpress to their EUKHOST webspace, I have tried and it is not happening, any help would be great

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    I'm interested in running the open-source WordPress blogging software and I was wondering if my account supported the following:

    * PHP 4.1 or greater
    * MySQL 3.23.23 or greater
    * The mod_rewrite Apache module



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      Yes wordpress Hosting works fine on our servers i have installed this on a personal project of my own:

      If you would like me to install it drop me an email at robert[@] along with your ftp details and ill get it installed. If you have cpanel shared hosting account with us then you should have no problems in installing wordpress from Fantastico section of your control panel. You can take a look at Fantastico Scripts to learn more about the scripts included in Fantastico.

      Additionally, we have php 4.4.4 on some servers and php 5.1.2 on other servers so you should face no problem in configuring wordpress blog. MySQL version on all our servers is above 4.1.24 and mod_rewrite is enabled by default.

      Wordpress will give you some code to add in .htaccess of your account which will enable mod_rewrite for your account.


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        Thanks fpr the reply

        Can this be installed on a subdomain??? I dont want it on the main website hosting.

        If so I can mail you the subdomain details.




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          Yes that will not be a problem. However i will still need cpanel access to create the databases etc.


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            I have created a database in MySQL Server already with a user set up as a DBA.

            I can give you access if you want or is it only the strings that you need.



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              Robert, I have a supprt call open at the moment and will probably wait until it has been resolved before proceeding, with installation. Would it be possible to help after it has been resolved.


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                That is no problem at all

                Kind Regards

                Robert King


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                  Isn't word press avaliable to be installed on fantastico? That makes installing stuff alot easier if you do not know how to make MySQL databases etc.


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                    Sorry for reopening 1 year old thread but its better to question in this thread rather than starting new one.

                    I wish to know if its a good thing to make wordpress blog as main page of your website hosting and if yes then what themes would you recommend and how would you customize your blog to make it look like a manually designed website hosting rather than a blog.

                    My customer is looking to launch a information website hosting and it will contain threads and articles for which he wants a blog, but as a designer I have to give him a good design


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                      Geek , there are lots of WordPress themes that you can easily customise and make it look like new website hosting . Just Google it , you will get it. The one i remember is K2 . You can try that also .
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                        You can find many themes from google but we have the theme "Almost Spring" from http:// for our blog.

                        You should not hesitate to use wordpress blog for website hostings home page. Your customer will get advantage from it and you can show your skills by customizing the theme. Architecture of wordpress blog and certain themes make the blog Search Engine friendly. We have all threads indexed by google and many threads have good ranking in google.

                        designs and themes that use CSS and html tags are liked by Search Engines so there's no harm in using wordpress blog as index page of your website hosting.
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                          I have also found no problem in creating a homepage using wordpress, there are a few excelent plugins available for you to do this.

                          There is one small gripe I do have and that is you may have to disable the wysiwyg editor, as with most of these editors they tend to rewrite your code in a less than satisfactory way.

                          I have however been successful in using css on pages and also find that by installing something like the execphp plugin you can then take advantage of the output from other plugins. To do things like create tag clouds on your homepage.

                          Good luck, there are hundreds of good wordpress themes available, alsthough I would recomend making your own or adapting an existing one to make your blog/website look original. If you do use a pre made theme then I would also recomend looking for one that is widget enabled.
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                            Ive not posted here for a while, got a new job and Ive also been learning all things Wordpress for a new charity website hosting project Ive just finished.

                            Im quite chuffed with myself really I managed to almost completely get my head around how Wordpress works, resulting in my first totally made from the ground up Wordpress website hosting.

                            With the all new Wordpress 2.1 installed I found that quite a few of the plugins I had previously used now are now broken and some are no longer needed. Most of the broken plugins I managed to replace quite easily, however I found it hard to find a gallery plugin that works.

                            I found one in the end though, so I thought I would tell you lucky lot about it. I think its unfortunate that its the last one I thought about trying because of its name, Lazyest Gallery - http:// But aside from that its the best one Ive tried, my previous favourite ANIga - www. took one look at look at Wordpress 2.1 and fainted. Plus when used with the Lightbox 2 plugin Lazyest Gallery looks very good indeed.

                            However I did find one problem with Wordpress 2.1 that really bugs me because I cant find a solution that works, the WYSIWYG editor it uses (TinyMCE) doesnt show up in some installations of Firefox and croaks at IE. I fixed the problem for IE by using a solution I found all over the place but Ive tried almost everything I can find and nothing fixes it for Firefox. Whats most annoying is that it works on my machine but not on others, so Im finding it really hard to test solutions as I have to be using someone elses computer.

                            Never mind, I hope somebody finds Lazyest Gallery handy it certainly helped me out. I just thought I would pop by and say hello anyways as Ive been in hiding for a while.

                            Act honestly, and answer boldly

                            Abundance is from activity
                            Starting the work is two thirds of it


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                              Nice to see you again and Congratulations for the new job

                              I am not an expert with wordpress or any kind of development but do let me know if you face any server side technical problem.
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