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    Originally posted by devsie View Post

    Thank you for the very comprehensive reply. That was more than i was expecting.

    I think it's the fact it's executed within an IF statement that threw me. In my mind it seems strange to have a statement where it's saying "if it doesn't send do this", without having actually already asked it to send. But I have to get used to these short hands in coding.

    I should probably get around to doing a bit more reading on classes.

    Many thanks,
    You don't need to do it like that if you don't want, but it saves a few wasted lines I suppose. You're most welcome as well .

    Originally posted by DavidAllen View Post
    Hi - if it helps think of $mail->send() as a function call that returns true on success (I've sent the email) and false on failure (I couldn't send it for some reason).

    As an (ahem) 'experienced' programmer, brought up on procedural code and functions, I still sometimes find them hard to follow.
    Object oriented programming? Yeah I agree, although for small applications theres really no need for OOP practices. In fact, some people don't use OOP. I know a friend who is a pretty experienced PHP programmer and until recently he just organised code using structured functions, PHP constants, etc.