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  • phpBB3

    After badmouthing this particular forum upgrade not 3 days ago, I have been asked by a few people to upgrade my board to it, so I started playing about with it in a big way.

    I installed the software and used the phpBB conversion tool to upgrade from 2 to 3, everything seemed to work fine, and everything migrated across fine, there is one small but very odd problem (and one I would need fixed if I was to move to this upgrade)

    Basically there is a feature that allows you to make your own BBCode, however when I go to add a new BBCode when I hit submit the browser goes straight to my website hostings homepage.

    I have asked the folks on phpBB and they are seemingly stumped.

    Is there anything server side that should be changed? or anything I am doing wrong?

    Original board - - live, and fine.

    New board, with error - - not live

    Clean install of board, with same error - - not live
    BornInBlood (Metal) || SimplyTied (Bondage)

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    Possibly an issue with the server module mod_security. Try adding this to your .htaccess file:

    PHP Code:
    <IfModule mod_security.c>

    SecFilterEngine Off

        SecFilterScanPOST Off



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      Possibly stupid question time...

      I know I have an .htaccess file because I have edited it before for different things, but I can't for the life of me find it, using my ftp client I can't see it, and using the file manager it doesn't appear to be there either.

      I don't want to make a new one and overwrite it by making a new one, is there anyway to view "hidden" files? Or is there any way any of one of you boffins could do it for me?
      BornInBlood (Metal) || SimplyTied (Bondage)


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        Let me know your domain, and the directory of your phpBB3 installation, and I'll get this done for you.


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          You are the man Thomas!

 - domain

          public_html/forum1/ - phpbb3 installation

          Thanks a lot mate!
          BornInBlood (Metal) || SimplyTied (Bondage)


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            This has been done. Please confirm the same at your end.


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              Brilliant, this is working now - was that the only thing you changed? So i can report it on phpBB for other people to find!

              Thanks a lot!
              BornInBlood (Metal) || SimplyTied (Bondage)


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                Yes, I simply deactivated mod_security using the .htaccess file

                Happy New Year


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                  Sorry to be a pain, could this be done for this as well..

         - domain

                  public_html/forum/ - phpbb3 installation

                  Same problem!
                  BornInBlood (Metal) || SimplyTied (Bondage)


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                    This is very simple to do. All you have to do is place the code which is located in this thread within your .htaccess file.


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                      Hey Guys!

                      Thanks borninblood for having this problem - I've had 3 sites not working using a CMS me and a friend have built. Couldn't for the life of us work out where our code was wrong - it works fine on 2 website hosting hosted else where but not on my eukhost.

                      Anyway read this as I use phpBB and by chance the symptoms were very similar - made the same change to the .htaccess and its working

                      The fault was using x-standard WYSIWYG editor, anything in it at all and it kicked you to the home page on submit.

                      So thank you! What is this mod_security


                      PS - If you cant find the .htaccess file its coz its hidden - you need to click the top tick box on the pop up as you open file manager to see it - I had the same problem finding it as you borninblood, knew I'd seen it somewhere.

                      Thanks all

                      The Gethmyster

                      "System Error: press F13 to continue..."


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                        phpBB3's long development process. It's a main features are Ability to create custom-defined BBCode and custom profile fields.