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  • ImageMagick issues

    Having issues with using imagemagick to, well, do anything really. I know that it's installed on the server and working (thanks to support who installed singapore image gallery) but I just can't get it to work in any of my scripts.

    I've setup a test script and stripped it right down to the basics.

    $command = "/usr/bin/convert realtennis.jpg realtennis.gif";
    $response = `$command`;
    Which should just simply convert the jpg to a gif. But nothing happens. I've use this script sooooo many times in the past on different hosting with no issues at all. I'm assured that /usr/bin is the correct path the imagemagick, hell I've even tried it without...

    If anyone can shed any light on where I'm going wrong here....?

    For adminns ref: script is at

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    I've been informed by someone of the following...

    Image::Magick bug
    There is a bug in PerlMagick' s QueryFontMetrics() method. ImageMagick versions smaller than 6.0.4 is affected. Below text is from the ImageMagick 6.0.4 Changelog: www.

    "2004-05-06 PerlMagick's QueryFontMetrics() incorrectly reports `unrecognized attribute'` for the `font' attribute."

    Please upgrade to ImageMagick 6.0.4 or any newer version, if your ImageMagick version is smaller than 6.0.4 and you want to use Image::Magick as the backend for GD::SecurityImage.
    What version are eUKHost using as this could be the problem. I'm aware some dev guys on my board are 'ripping their hair out' as it doesn't seem to be working for them, though I've got it to work with a forum software.
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      We have Version: ImageMagick 6.0.7 on all our servers.
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        Sorry just re-checked my admincp in vBulletin. It appears to be working fine now
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          Image magick installation in Linux


          I was trying to install Image Magick in a linux server I have uploaded all the files to a folder in the server using FTP and accessed it through putty. When I tried ./configure it displayed permission denied then I set chmod 555 configure after that when I tried ./configure it displayed No such file or directory.

          Image magick version - 6.2.6

          Please help me to solve this issue.

          Sudheshna K


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            Install it using rpm source. If you have cpanel server then you can run following command to install Image::Magick

            /scripts/realperlinstaller Image::Magick
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              Hi All,
              It is highly advised that you post your corresponding phpinfo file so that others can review various things about your problem or configuration. Guessing games take longer and somtimes it eventually comes out to be a O instead of an 0!



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                Do you have root access Sudheshna? are you on a VPS Hosting?