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trouble installing e107 CMS

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  • trouble installing e107 CMS

    There's a typo in the title, its e107 CMS Hosting

    ok, basically i wanted to try out this CMS as it seems to cover all the needs of a project i'm working on. However i've come upon a snag. I have copied the files over to my web server, however when it gets to a certain point no matter what i do i cannot get further.

    I'm not a huge expert on web stuff so this is annoying as hell to me.

    basically, i put in my ftp password etc and it logs into the ftp part fine, i put in all the details i want the CMS to know and they work fine. But when it comes to creating the actual database it says

    Stage 7 - Finalising Installation

    The installer could not select database: 'XXX'

    MySQL Reported Error:
    Access denied for user 'wowfood'@'localhost' to database 'XXX'

    If anyone has any idea what i'm doing wrong here feel free to tell me so as i can get this cms instaled :P
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    I suppose you have not created a database before installing the CMS. Just create a MySQL DB on the server and assign a user with "FULL PERMISSION" to it and then specify the details on the installation form. I suppose that should be it.
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      Look like you' have typed wrong mySQL user or password, make a new MySQL account and try to fix.


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        hope you got it sorted, give me a shout if you have any e107 probs - im running it on eukhost servers with no probs

        you can check out my e107 plugins at my site too !