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Faxing with PHP

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  • Faxing with PHP

    I've got a client for which I do a mass email everyday on a list of emails in my database using a cron job.
    She also wants to send out faxes and I can't for the life of me find any example scripts that allow you to send fax's except sending the odd 1 or 2 a day from normal email that some companies offer.
    Does anyone know if it's possible to do from your own machine linked to your own fax if you have PHP installed on your system?

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    Try eFax

    There are many other companies like eFax who offer Fax client which can be installed on your local machine.
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      Are you running your own dedicated server?

      You could get a solution like Zetafax and run a fax card connected to PSTN/ISDN or SIP, im sure there using PHP you could excute shell commands to send electronic faxes via this method.

      Alternatively as suggested eFax - but numerous companies offer email to fax -- where you just populate the fax number within the subject and the email content and attachments are sent as the fax.

      Really depends on your setup and investment. - Personally I think Fax is a dead media, I maintain a desktop fax server in the office as a few eastern europe clients still use it as the primary communicaiton media, but the vast majority use email now.


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        anyone knows any solutions for resaling such services?


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          You can also take a look to InterFAX service;


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            Originally posted by paul View Post
            You can also take a look to InterFAX service;
            Thank you
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              Yeah its just like sending text messages from PHP you will have to send emails to a third party to then send the fax over the telephone network.