changes to upload_max_filesize and file_uploads

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    changes to upload_max_filesize and file_uploads

    Hi all
    The upload_max_filesize and file_uploads in phpinfo is set to 10mg and 8mgs. I'm looking to increase to about 15-20. I was told that I need to make a change the php.ini file.

    Does any body know if I can do this, and if so how.

    I forgot to say that i'm linux on the cpanel hosting package with eukhosts



    Hello Jason,

    You can upload/create your php.ini file under public_html directory and set the value for upload_max_filesize and file_uploads to your desired value. This will override the default values on the server.

    You can also get in touch with our support department for this and they will get this done for you.
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