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    I don't think he is the one who has put this review. He is still hosting with us and seems to be a happy customer. I will email him and ask him if that review was posted by him.
    Yes, I was thinking that this did look a bit suss (apart from the obvious non-acurate posting date of 1970!). The review is at HostRatings (

    A while back I had a similar false review placed over at Hosting Comments purported to be from me - although it wasn't as negative it was clearly not me (different style of language) plus the factual content such as sites I hosted / when I've been here since were also wrong.

    It seems that somebody (or people) seem to take the names of active members of the community and then use them for impersonation on other websites.
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      I'd go with wordpress. It has got one of the best templating systems, easy to develop with and fully documented. It's meant for a blogging platform but you can easily adapt it into other sites such as a cooperative article directory or a CSS gallery.