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    Hosting a rails application

    Hi all,

    apologies if this isn't the correct forum to post this question, please feel free to move if you think it's more suited to somewhere else.

    I'm a developer basically just starting to learn rails, having come from an entirely php / asp / background. Developing is something i do as a career, but I'm pretty clueless when it comes to hosting. In the past, it's usually gone something like this;

    1) Buy a copper c-panel solution from eukhost
    2) Copy files to server
    3) Point browser at server

    In the rails environment I'm loving the whole awareness it has of development, test and production environments, but i would really like to know how much of a pain it is to deploy rails applicatoins to production environments (particularly, to the eukhost environment which is probably where i'll eventually host the application i'm developing).

    I've tried googling this and pretty much every guide i read is different, and they all assume that your knowledge of hosting is way in advance of mine. So basically I am looking for someone to give me a bit of a straight answer: If i continue to develop my application in rails, and want to deploy it when I'm finished, am I going to have to spend ages reading up / learning a load of new skills in order to do so?

    Basically the person i'm developing for has quite a tight deadline, and while I'm finding development a lot quicker in rails, if deployment is going to be a nightmare i am tempted to just back out and do it in asp/php instead.

    Anyone with any experience of deploying rails applications to eukhost servers, I'd really love to hear any tips or advice you could share!