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    Hi all,

    Just to let everyone know that rails 2.0 has been released. It includes quite a lot of changes, incorporating some features that were previously third party developed plug-ins, correcting some errors and making some things more "sexy" - e.g. more concise and descriptive code.

    For a better description than my ramblings see:

    For anyone that's heard of rails but not really tried it yet, now is a great time to get into it. Rails 2.0 (now on 2.0.2) is a major release with a number of big changes, making Rails a really well polished and supported web framework. If you are on windows or mac (most rails developers seem to be Mac addicts) there are two packages that will get you up and running pretty much instantly with everything you need to start developing your app: - for windows. - for mac.
    On top of this Eukhost's support for Rails is now really getting there. CPanel (you may need to ask support to move you to a suitable server/update your CPanel) has now got great support for Rails as well.

    Virtually everything associated with Rails is free. However the free documentation is not always that great. If you want to get started in rails you really need to get hold of a book, but someone has finally made some free podcasts that actually start at the beginning!
    Check out this site:
    and in particular this page:
    for a good introduction and explanation of what Rails is, and how it works. I think they will be adding podcasts every two weeks that will cover how to get started soon.

    Thanks and good luck with Rails,

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    Looks Outstanding. Thanks for the links!
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