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Rails application without port number in URL?

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  • Rails application without port number in URL?


    I've got a Rails app up and running via Mongrel on port 3000 (shared hosting on a Linux box). Normally, a rewrite directive is placed in a .htaccess file to hide the port number, but this requires mod_proxy which apparently isn't supported on my Dedicated Server "for security reasons" (I was told this by someone over eukhost's online support chat).

    Has anyone managed to run a rails app without showing the port in the URL?

    Does anyone know if it's really not possible to have mod_proxy enabled? (I've been told inaccurate information over support chat before).

    Many thanks.

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    Replying to my own post...

    If you use mongrel, there is no way to hide the port number unless you can get eukhost to install mod_proxy (in which case, use rewrite rules similar to those given here: ).

    Note: if you do use mongrel, start it using a different port than the default 3000 because I'm told - by NickJ - that this'll conflict with an existing process. Specify -p [number] when you start it.

    You can run Rails through FastCGI. This will not show the port number. See


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      I have a Semi-Dedicated account and I have been struggling with my pea sized brain and ofcourse with more/less no knowledge on apache.

      Do i have to install FastCGI separately. I recently rebuilt my apache to 2.2 selecting fastcgi options. Is there anyway, i can see if fast cgi is already built into apache or is it a separate thing that needs separate installation?.
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        You'll have to install mod_fastcgi or mod_fcgid.


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          Thank you. I did select mod_fcgi during apache build. So now I am clear that it is already built into apache.

          Do I have to put in directives ( such as LoadModule ) in httpd.conf?. if so, what exactly do i have to include?. Do I need to make any additional changes to httpd.conf to make my rails app work?.

          By the way, when I created default rails app in my box, it did not create a .htaccess file. Is it mandatory?. if so, what should the contents of it?
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            You'll have to install the module, add apache config and edit public/.htaccess to use it.

            See here: fastcgi in Ruby on Rails