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Rails App Deployment Help Needed

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  • Rails App Deployment Help Needed

    Hi all

    I have written a Rails application on my local P.C. using Aptana Studio and with the help of a totally superb book have managed to write a shopping cart.

    I want to see how to deploy the app to my shared copper cPanel account.

    I have spent a great deal of time researching threads for info etc.. but have so far been unable to do anything much.

    Here are the steps I have gone through so far

    1 - Developed app
    I will in the future do frequent step deployments so I can make sure that everything is going O.K. but for now I am wanting to deploy a complete app.

    2 - Had my domain transferred to a server capable of running an R.R 2.0.2 app.

    3 - Created a sub domain (RoR2)

    4 - Uploaded my complete RoR app from my P.C. (Did this using the free version of SmartFTPClient.

    That's it.

    I can go to my

    fluffypaws co uk RoR1 public Aptana RadRails

    domain and I get the standard Aptana Rails page but nothing wlse works


    1 - How do I tell the cPanel Ruby application that I have this app here so I can start and stop the server

    2 - How do I tell my app what database to use. Presumably done through migrations but not certain exactly how to go about this bit.

    3 - I have also seen mention of setting document root for my sub domain and would be greatful to know if this NEEDS to be done.

    I am unable to think of any further questions at the moment but that is probably because I am unable to get any further and as soon as I have some answers to the above I am sure that I will have plenty more.

    Many thanks in advance for your help.

    Kind Regards


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    It turns out that I have done everything correctly and it all worked great once I had worked out that I needed to start the mongrel server with a

    mongrel_rails start -d

    If anyome knows what I need to do to get rid of having to use the port number it would be really good


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      Rails App Deployment Help Needed

      I have successfully done this a couple times before but I'm running into random errors with my current deploy and I need to find someone who can do this for this application and a few future applications that are in the Affiliate Networks.
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