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Is Ruby on Rails right for us?

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  • Is Ruby on Rails right for us?

    We are a social enterprise helping voluntary organisations in Yorkshire and Humber to improve their efficiency and effectiveness through good use of IT. Quite a few clients are asking for websites and a number of those want databases built and linked to the website. We are considering the possibility of using a Ruby on Rails developer for this purpose but are unsure and so have a few questions.
    1. Is RoR suitable for straightforward web design?
    2. Is RoR suitable for creating simple and complex databases
    3. Do the above link together easily?
    4. Is there a good RoR community out there so that if our developer keels over or leaves then it is easy enough to pick up with another RoR person?

    You can tell that I don't understand all this stuff, but I know what my clients want, and I want to be able to help them.

    Thanks for your help.