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Paperclip vs Attachment_fu vs MySQL

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  • Paperclip vs Attachment_fu vs MySQL

    Has anyone done image uploading in Rails. How did you do that?. Did you use any plugins like PaperClip, attachment_fu?.

    I have found that those plugins are limited in the sense that all of them creates separate folder structure for images. My user base is more than 50,000 and its becoming a nightmare to have that many folders.

    How did you get around those limitations?. Do you think its wise to store images in MySQL db?
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    You can refer following URLs for more information on it.

    Image cropping and Upload - Rails Forum - Ruby on Rails Help and Discussion Forum
    Ruby on Rails guides

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      Both are equally good plugins. If you're just looking for a simple tool Paperclip is good for you.

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        Hi Jenni

        Paperclip is good but for every record it creates a directory with 3 sub directories (thumb, medium etc). Its a real nightmare if you have a reasonably busy site with 50,000 records. Certainly a NO NO. Besides, it just leaves those directories without removing when you delete a record.

        I stumbled upon another fantastic plugin called <a href="">Fleximage</a>. It is a plugin that can be used with the above situation.

        Upload works OK, deleting works OK, but rendering seem to have problem that it is not taking the :image_directory values. I am just stuck here. Have you used it before?. Any ideas/

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        Any help to crack this problem is a great help for me.
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          guys, ignore my request. Paperclip itself has a provision to specify a single directory in which all images can be stored and retrieved.
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            Great! You may also want to search google lots of tutorials available for Paperclip.

            How was your experience with Fleximage though?

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