Want Traffic Now? ... (( 10 Simple Methods ))

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    Want Traffic Now? ... (( 10 Simple Methods ))

    OK, let me get straight to the point ...

    Here are 10 effective methods to generate
    traffic to your website:

    1. Leave comments on other people's blogs with
    a backlink to your site.

    2. Advertise your website or service in the
    appropriate category on Craigslist

    3. Participate in LinkedIn

    4. Exchange reciprocal links with other related
    sites in your niche.

    5. Purchase ad spots or solo email ads in
    popular newsletters or ezines from

    6. Submit articles to trade magazines with a
    link to your site in your bio

    7. Use OnlyWire to automate your social
    bookmarking and automatically generate
    backlinks and traffic

    8. Promote your website on the "Thank you" page
    of other sales sites related to your niche.
    Work out a mutually beneficial commission
    with the site owners.

    9. Participate in online forum conversations that
    are related to your product, and insert your
    site link into the signature area.

    10. Create your own blog at blogger. Blogging
    is a powerful and effective way to get free
    traffic from search engines, RSS feeds, other
    blogs, blog directories .. and more!

    5 Bonus Blog Traffic Tips:

    1. Submit your blog to all major blog directories
    like Technorati

    2. Participate in blog carnivals. This is very similar
    to submitting articles.

    3. Provide an email subscription form that allows your
    blog readers to receive your blog posts via emails.
    Use the Wordpress plugin "subscribe2"

    4. Rewrite some of your blog content and post it to
    articles directories to increase backlinks and
    traffic. Try using ArticleMarketer

    5. Find a hot topic on Technorati, post about it on
    your blog and then ping Technorati with your new

    Nice post!!
    Seo India


      Thank for those tips, although I do social bookmarking and blog commenting in order to generate traffic and based on my experience it is really effective.
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