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  • Domain Names To Search Engines

    The domain names you choose is really important. Having your main keyword or key phrase in the domain name gives you a big boost in getting high rankings in major search engines. Do not make the mistake of using your company or business name as your domain.

    For example, say your name is "Seany Graham", and you are a provider of website hosting services, and your company is located in Leeds, and the company name is "Seany Ltd..." Many people would say that your domain name should be "" or "". WRONG!

    Your domain name should include the keyword and if you are a local company, it's geographic identifier. In this case, "would be great! And yes, at your disposal. This is the domain name that you will promote.

    You can also purchase multiple domain names, including the company name just to be safe. You can also promote them and make a redirect to your main site (and not losing any connection). Also, always keep your customers in mind when choosing a domain name.

    Phrases that are looking for. Which keywords? That's why you use keywords research. For example, if you are a Hosting Reseller, it is much better to use the domain "" or "" than "". Why? Because five times more people search the term "linux reseller or windows reseller" than the word "reseller".

    Also, be sure to get a good TLD extension for your domain such as, to gain maximum benefits through Google and other search engines.

    Buying a domain name with the correct keywords is an important factor for you to reach at the top of organic search results from Google and other major search engines.

    If you are interested in choosing the listed domains in this article, do not miss this opportunity. Click Here to register it now!

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    I don't agree. Why use such a long domain in the first place (ie:

    My general advice is:
    -Make sure the domain is rather short and easy to remember.
    -Do the phone test - ask people to go to the website over the phone. If you need to repeat the name, it's probobly not very good.
    -You don't always need to have 'keywords' in your main domain name. (You can have additional sites with keywords in it..)
    -If possible, rather go for a old domain than a brand new one.
    -If the domain can stand out a bit, people are likely to click more on it when seen in the search engines results page. - Multiple C-Classes


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      more informative article are posted above regarding to choose of domain name, it can be based on your services and also small remember.