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    SEO Rank High On Google In 48 Hours

    Believe it or not, itís easy to rank high on the Google search engine in 48 hours. There may be various SEO techniques out there, but here is one that works for me.

    Most people who work online must have heard of Alexa. Alexa is a website in which you can find out the traffic ranks of any website in a snapshot. In other words, this gives you a good measure of how much traffic a website is bringing in. Now, which websites will help you get your pages to rank high in Google in 48 hours?

    There are many article websites on the web (articlebiz, ezinearticles etc). You can find out the articles that rank the highest simply by searching for article them on google. Simply enter your search keywords (articles sites, article submission etc.) in the Google search engine and click enter. Take a good look at the search results that appear after you enter your keyword or phrase. These articles that show up on the front page are valuable; probably beating millions of other results for that keyword.

    Submit your articles to high ranking article websites and your webpages will probably have a better chance of getting near the front page of Google. If you have doubts about website traffic rank, use Alexa. There are other factors that play a role here, but this is one helpful hint to how you can get a better chance of ranking high on Google fast and free.

    Here is what I do.
    1) Go to Google Adwords Keyword Tool
    2) Enter keywords of your subject
    3) Find a keyword that has very little competition
    4) Use those keywords as your article title(this is crucial). Also include those keywords in your article post a few times(this is also crucial).
    5)Go to alexa or google and search article sites. Once you know which sites rank the highest on Google,sign up for those article sites and submit your articles with the same keywords in your title, and the same keywords in your article a few times
    6) Submit your article.
    After a few days, go to the google search engine and type in those keywords you used. Scroll down the search results to see your article in the first 1-3 pages.
    Note that this method works depending on which keywords you use.
    Good Luck! Hope that helped!

    Thanks journeyoflif,

    Thanks for those wonderful tips about getting ranked in Search Engines in 48 hours. As it is rightly said "Content is the King". The content you spread content about you website online the more exposure your business gets in the search engines. What other way would be the best apart from Article Submission.

    Thanks again for sharing this information with us here.


      really? 48 Hours? Cool!! maybe I'll Try it if I find time to. Sounds Interesting. Search Engine Optimization Seems to be Headbreaking sometimes.


        I'm so glad I read this and thanks for writing it! I will copy and save it for when I finally get my first websites up and running. And also be sure to work on creating articles that relate to the site(s) I end up creating.