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Basic Concept Behind SEO

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  • Basic Concept Behind SEO

    Basically SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization..... it is a process of improving the visibility of a website or, a web page in search engines.
    1.Online SEO.
    2.Offline SEO.
    In the online SEO we links our site in the coding of a website, And in Offline SEO we work separately from the web site.
    There are basic concept which are used in offline:
    Directory Submission
    Blog Submission
    Article Submission
    Forum Posting
    Press Relies etc.
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    I believe you are trying to categorize SEO as On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO. And the concept listed in your thread relate to Off-Page SEO tasks.


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      Definitely On-Page Search Engine Optimization and Off-Page SEO are the core and fundamentals of search engine optimization. Both on page and off page are vital to effective SEO. Without them, you will not get any decent results, generate traffic from organic searches.
      Search Engine Optimisation Services


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        You must understand that SEO requireds proper knowledge and skills, so if you have it, you will be the king of the internet space and you can also market your product well. Do you think that adding few Meta tags will serve your purpose? Well, this is not the case as SEO includes many other things which can be useful to rank your website above your competition in the online world.
        While undertaking search engine optimization, you also have to take care of the spammers as inclusion of keywords can be a problem at times. So if you stuff your articles with the keywords, then it can get spammed. All those who are using spamming techniques may solve the problem for a while but after sometime your performance will slow down.


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          I would partially agree to the words stated by jakson0100. SEO is all about logic and analysis. There is no big deal in ranking a particular website well in SERP's even if you are not an SEO expert. You would find multiple places over the web that can guide you through the entire process.
          It is my personal opinion that you should first make a list of your competitors and analyze their websites for the activities they do for ranking well for particular terms in the search engines. This would give you a fair idea about the steps that you can take for your website.


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            Search Engine Optimization is process of improving the ranking of a website or and visibilty a web page in search engines...

            1.Onpage SEO.



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              Re: Basic Concept Behind SEO

              SEO stands for search engine optimization, the basic concept behind SEO is to get a natural place in search engine. In SEO we use some on page and off page techniques that helps a lot to get more backlinks and backlinks provide traffic to your website.