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    301 to an internal page


    i have a site, say domain.com.
    i created a shop on domain.com/shop.

    i decided i'd like to have the shop as my homepage.
    can i put 301 on index.htm to redirect to domain.com/shop?

    should i do seo for domain.com?
    will google treat domain.com/shop as my homepage?
    is it ok to do it?

    any ideas? suggestions?


    Yes, your all the back links will be transferred to your internal page.
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      Hi @Anna
      will this process not effect the SERP of the site?? what you say about it??


        If you created shop in directory /shop did you create this when installing something like cubecart or oscommere?

        Move all the files into the root directory then go to phpmyadmin and download the database for the shop. Open the database file up in Dreamweaver or a text app where you can do a search and replace.

        Search and replace ht tp://www.yourdomain.com/shop and replace with ht tp://www.yourdomain.com

        Go back to phpmyadmin, select the database, select all tables and DROP them. Go to import and upload the database file you just modified.

        Your shop will work at root level. Better than redirecting.
        ONly attempt the above if you are used to phpmyadmin and databases.
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          That's a great explanation, sihost!

          I remember watching a video on 301s some time ago and my understanding is that Google ignores the 301 completely like it is not there and goes straight to the destination page. It will index the final landing page and totally ignore the destination URL...