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Which is important in SEO?SERP or PR?

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  • Which is important in SEO?SERP or PR?

    Hello Friends

    As we all are familiar with Search Engine Optimization, In this,we all should be aware from two different words first is "Page Ranking" and second is "SERP".I would like to know which is the main factor in terms of SEO?
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    Pagerank is just a number, and doesn't help with any search engine rankings. SERPs are the most important as search engines will drive quality traffic to your site.


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      Whether or not you think that SERPs are important is up to you. If you have a website however, and would like it do well, it is the positioning of your website in the SERPs that should be of prime concern to you


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        The search engine result page is most important. SERP depends on the related keyword which the user is searching for their information purpose.


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          SERP i.e. search engine result page actually shows where your website rank when a user searches for keywords while PR is as said just a number. So SERP holds more importance than PR. Also SERP analysis is important.