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    Do you use Shareaholic ?

    Have you heard about Shareaholic? It's a browser tool that allows you to easily share, spread, and save interesting links via your social networks, email, blogs, IM etc.

    shareaholic (dot) com/

    After installing it in your browser, you can share links that you like on various social networking, social bookmarking and microblogging sites (over 100 of them)...

    I think this tool is very useful to bloggers for SEO. It makes article sharing a lot easier, therefore increasing traffic. Don't you think so?

    I have used a few others but they were all single based, not browser specific. I can not remember the last one but I ended up quitting since I tend to post random things based on my audience alone rather than the same thing spread over a few sites.
    I took a long vacation but I'm back!