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    Important Tips about Google Adwords

    Adwords launched by Google to support advertising the page using PPC section. It means whenever you get a click in specific keywords you have to pay to Google. It provides an ability to strike into a continuous potential of internet. This is a new way of getting success in online marketing. It makes the client to visit your website hosting by displaying your advertisement. It can also get you success& can increase the expenses. Using Ad word in marketing campaigns many businesses have got the way of success.

    ·Everyday millions of clicks are created & from this some are reasonable. As we know PPC cost is quite costly.
    ·It should be remembered that it is not the click that profits but the change of the visitor traffic into sales. So it needs to map well & find out all the fine shades of Adwords.
    ·Always try to avoid unwanted keywords& disable ads. As Google Adwords raises clients find their keywords rejected.
    ·The cost per click must be less because it is lesser than the income produced. It is not possible to sell less &spend high on Adwords.
    ·Niche key words you must learn perfect selection of keywords which is exact to the business& make it separate& exclusive & most of the visitors use to think about it.
    ·“Return on investment “makes Adwords campaign cost effective.
    ·Another important thing is Monitoring & tracking Adwords campaign weekly or daily will get close to success.
    ·To get huge amount of priority placements advertisers use to bid for key words The common keywords selection gets more traffic &needs to spend more to get target. But Google decides the placement based on bid amount or by click rates.
    ·Title tags always get clicks. So it is important to give more attention to title tag.
    ·As keyword differences makes forecast. So we must try to use many spellings as possible.
    ·You can switch for a keyword which is not much more relevance can display the ads.
    ·Selection of landing page should be perfect because it makes the business. The selected page must be an active page where a click can change into a deal.
    ·Analytics software will enable to make marketing plan more exact& based on complete data. It can be used by small businesses as it is free.
    ·Internet is a successful marketplace with many opportunities& to succeed your website hosting you need to use some tools in sharp &informed way.

    Resource Description Framework(RDF)

    Resource Description Framework(RDF) is a general framework or set of rules for describing any Internet resource especially information available on the World Wide Web such as a website hosting and it’s content. An RDF description also referred to as metadata, can include the all the information of a resource including author of the resource, date of creation or update, the organization of the pages on a website hosting, information that describes content in terms of audience or content rating, keywords that search engines look for, subject categories etc.

    Features of Resource Description Framework

    The Resource Description Framework makes it possible for everyone to share a website hosting and other descriptions more easily. Software developers can use the metadata to provide better search engines and directories.
    RDF can also be used to describe a collection of books, or artists, or a collection of web pages as in the RSS data format which uses RDF to create machine-readable summaries of web website hostings.
    RDF is also used in XPFE applications to define the relationships between different collections of elements, for example RDF could be used to define the relationship between the data in a database and the way that data is displayed to a user.
    RDF was developed under the guidance of World Wide Web Consortium(W3C) to allow developers to build search engines that rely on the metadata and to allow Internet users to share website hosting information more readily. RDF relies on XML as an interchange syntax, creating an ideal system for the exchange of information on the Web.

    What is Veronica?

    Veronica, the name actually stands for “Very Easy Rodent-Oriented Netwide Index to Computerized Archives.” It’s a program that allows you to search the files of the Internet’s Gopher servers using keywords. After you enter a particular keyword for searching, Veronica displays a list of gopher menus and articles containing the keyword you searched for. The more recent versions of Veronica can also search certain Web pages, newsgroups, and FTP website hostings.
    Like Archie, which is Veronica’s equivalent program for FTP servers, Veronica is an indexing spider that visits the Gopher website hostings, reads all the directory and file names, and then indexes them in one large index but unlike other search engines it searches for keywords only in gopher server menu titles and doesn’t look through the entire text in the documents. While searching with Veronica, the use of logical operators like AND, NOT, and OR may help to narrow your search.

    Search Engine Precision

    Search Engine Precision is the degree in which a search engine lists the results matching a query. The more matching results that are listed, the higher the precision. It is the percentage of the statistical universe of matching results for a particular query. For example, if a search engine lists 80 results found to match a query but only 20 of them contain the search words, then the precision would be 25%. Precision can also be defined as a metric to ensure that the query returns all matching pages and no lost or irrelevant results.
    (1997), According to Clarke, S., & Willett, P. Estimating the recall performance of search engines. ASLIB Proceedings, 49 (7), 184-189.
    Precision is the fraction of a search output that is relevant for a particular query. Its calculation, hence, requires knowledge of the relevant and non-relevant hits in the evaluated set of documents
    In the context of the present study precision is defined as:
    Precision =
    Sum of the scores of scholarly documents retrieved by a search engine
    ———————————————— —————————–
    Total no. of results evaluated

    Fuzzy Search

    A Fuzzy search is a process that finds web page matches that are likely to be relevant to the search argument even when words are only partially spelled or misspelled. A fuzzy search searches for all source terms that are similar and identical to the search text. This type of search is done by means of a fuzzy matching program, which returns a list of results based on likely relevance even though search argument words and spellings may not exactly match. Exact and highly relevant matches appear near the top of the list. Subjective relevance ratings, usually as percentages, may be given to determine the results’ relevancy..
    Fuzzy searching is especially useful when searching for unfamiliar topics, foreign language terms, or complex terms, the proper spellings of which are not widely known. Fuzzy searching can also be used to locate individuals based on incomplete or partially inaccurate identifying information.

    Importance of backlinks

    Backlinks play a major role in increasing the traffic to a web hosting website hosting. As part of a search engine optimization strategy you should aim to build backlinks up over time. Backlinks not only increase the number of visitors but also helps in gaining a strong position in search engine result pages for your chosen keywords.
    These are some ways to buid backlinks
    Directory Submissions
    Article Submission
    Press Release
    Forum sigs
    RSS & Feeds
    If you do all of the above you will slowly build up a huge network of backlinks. Take part in the conversation and build a good reputation at the same time as you build backlinks.


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      thanks yo! really nice info and tips in there thanks again, tought me allot of things i didnt know about how online ads work


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        A very good thread. with lot of good and easily understandable information.
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          Most important tips for search engine optimization:

          1. Rich keyword domain
          2. Title tag
          3. Heading tag
          4. Bold, strong and emphasis tag
          5. Keyword rich text
          6. Structured navigation and correct internal navigation
          7. keyword rich internal links
          8. Avoid flash
          9. Avoid duplicate content
          10. Rich keyword and relevant inbound links
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            Re: SEO Tips

            I know some SEO tips which can be useful for your website promotion:
            *use white hat SEO techniques.
            *use quality contents.
            *use high page ranked and high page authority sites.
            *do on page optimization.