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How to reduce bounce rate of website?

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  • How to reduce bounce rate of website?

    Hello !! How to reduce bounce rate of website? what average of bounce rate is good for website?

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    Following methods can help you in reducing your bounce rate.

    1. Adjust the bounce rate of your website
    2. Reduce the bounce rate of the web pages in the Profit Index
    3. Stop targeting keywords/marketing channels which are sending low value traffic
    4. Create landing pages which satisfy visitor's query
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      website content and website design are more important to reduce your website bounce rate..
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        High bounce rate can be an indicator of numerous issues with your website, so, first things first, it is better to analyze your Google Analytics thoroughly and determine it for sure.
        But mostly, the reason for high bounce rate hides in a bad webpage design or unengaging content. To improve the quality of your content, offer some treats to your visitors with Promo Gift module for PrestaShop


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          There are several reasons why visitors migrate from your website to some other right away like unable to find the information they are looking for, or your website is not user friendly.

          The below methods will help you decrease bounce rate of your website.
          • Improve Your Content's Readability
          • Avoid Popups - Don't Disrupt the UX
          • Create a Compelling Call-to-Action
          • Keep Your Blog updated With the Right Content
          • Target Keywords With High-Value Traffic
          • Attract the Right Visitors
          • Write Attractive Meta Descriptions for Search Users
          • Create Multiple Landing Pages for High-Volume Keywords
          • Speed Up Your Page Load Time
          • Make your 404 page more useful
          • Set External Links to Open in New Windows
          • Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly
          • Show Credibility


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            Bounce rate depends on how long a user lives on your website any page.
            content is 1st thing can engage more users to stay for a long time.

            If you can increase the long time used to be active or stay on your site then you can easily control your bounce rate.