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What is 301 redirect in SEO?

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  • What is 301 redirect in SEO?

    Hello friends- What is 301 redirect in SEO? please describe

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    It's basically a permanent redirect that passes link juice to the page which his to be redirected. It's the best and ideal method to get the most out of your redirect.


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      301 redirect is an HTTP status code indicating URL been permanently redirected. It is also recommended by Google and Bing for permanent redirection as it is shown in search engine results.


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        There are two type of redirection

        301 Redirection
        302 Redirection

        SEO prefer 301 because it is a permanent redirection
        and 302 is temporary redirection that mostly we don't prefer.


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          The permanent redirection of a page.


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            “a 301 redirect” is a type of redirect that is used when you are moving your website to a new domain. Using a 301 redirect will let search engine spiders know that the content of the site has been moved or assigned to a new URL. This will let search engines pass the value and link juice from the old URL to the new one.

            While a 301 redirect is used when changing domains, there are other events where you will be required to use it. Below are some of them.
            • Acquiring security certificates (SSL)
            • Updating a website. Especially if the pages will have different URL paths.
            • You are canceling a product and would like to redirect your client to a new product page
            • Address canonicalization issues

            Using a 301 redirect has a huge impact in preserving SEO juice. It prevents the existence of duplicate content. Some SEO experts are using redirects to manipulate their search engine ranking, but this practice can result in a penalty or ban from Google.

            Always use redirects for their intended purpose and within the boundaries of search engine policies.
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              permanent redirection