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10 interesting search engines in real time images

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  • 10 interesting search engines in real time images

    Although new features added each day as the brilliant option to find similar images from any image that we drag up your search box, Google Images has a long way to go about the social and real-time results (type Twitter ) as important on the verge of an event so striking as the Olympic Games.

    Well, while the Google guys take care of the solutions it is not uncommon to imagine that a matter of time so that we see an integration with Google +, we can use alternatives and the functionality of specialty engines that outperform. Here are 10 of the best collected in TheNextWeb .

    1. Skylin: With this service a nice interface produces the results from the Twitter posts on what has been shared images and photographs. It has filters by location.

    2. Twitcaps: Also based on Twitter. Its design is a bit annoying but its functionality is compensated with the categories and menus for the most popular and to refine the site hosting the images (TwitPic, Flickr, Tinypic, Yfrog, etc..).

    3. NachoPhoto: It looks a bit abandoned but still works (written in the search box and hit Enter ) and is noteworthy for the professional touch of found images and their search system is responsible for hundreds of specialized sites.

    4. PicFog: Obviously your strongest point is its timeline is updated even after entering keywords in the search. In each box also displays the exact time that has elapsed since each image is shared.

    5. Twicsy: A benchmark used especially hashtags and Trending Topics to display the most popular images. For webmasters and share content specialists, it highlight the section on widgets (code to embed in website).

    6. Topsy Image Search: The fascinating Twitter search engine that many use almost daily, also has a special section to call the results that contain images. Equally practical is now looking in Google + (on the left is the button).

    7. Hashalbum: Simpler than Twicsy but also with an approach to find the recent pictures that have been labeled with a hashtag on Twitter.

    8. TwiPho: A combination of images Instagram and Twitter (the image hosting services mentioned above). Your control panel on the right is quite useful, especially to filter searches and save them.

    9. Flickr: Clearly one of the best existing photography portals could not stay behind. After entering the query the second option in the "Order" or "Sort" if you have in English, will show recent results first.

    10. Social Mention Photo Search: Finally the "magical" social search engine that analyzes and highlights the feelings in percentage found in the papers about some topic, counts among its filters ("Sort By" and "Results") with an option to Search for images in real time ("last hour") and several networks simultaneously.