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7 Simple Tips to maintain your professional Profile on Linkedin

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  • 7 Simple Tips to maintain your professional Profile on Linkedin

    A month ago*Linkedin*acquired*Slideshare*, social network and video sharing professional documents, and further consolidated as a social network of professional contacts.*That is why it is increasingly important to have a*good profile of Linkedin**as a way to track public or private, of our achievements in terms of professional development.

    Whatever the reason that you've created an account, the impact it could have on the image of you as a public profile is vital, especially if you have a public profile likely to be indexed by search engines .*Can you imagine that to get your name on the Internet will find a page with your*Linkedin profile completely outdated, not pictured and irrelevant
    material?*We are subtracting value to your work.

    They say that*the women of "Caesar" must not only be, but also be seen*.*That is, not only enough to be a good professional, and your close circle of friends know it, or maybe just your functional area highlight your strengths, but you*sell a good picture of you on the Internet*.

    Why is this so important?*May feel that they try very subjective bias on my part, but only at the beginning of this year*were published in Journal Tech*study results, which involved a significant number of companies, which implied that about 70 % of applicants for a job were rejected because they had a profile on social networking inadequate.*To adjust the privacy settings of your Facebook!

    7 tips for your LinkedIn profile

    As I was the post where do you start?*Maybe even have a*LinkedIn account*, in which case you should start considering whether you really need it, if you'll give proper care and maintenance.*I guess so, pretend it's aprofessional Facebook*.*On the other hand, if you already have an account, it's time to take action to ensure that adequate causaremos impact on our business circle.

    1.*Beware what you share
    LinkedIn gives us the ability to link publications we do on other social networks to our profile.*Probably you have linked your*Twitter accountstaff to your LinkedIn profile and your posts are completely irrelevant and instead bring you benefits, rather generate a bad impression of you.*You are what you share, take this premise as a high when you're on the Internet.

    2.*Post only the relevant
    Perhaps your professional life has been very intense and maybe you've walked through various organizations before finding stability.*You may also have been around a long time between several companies but moving between similar jobs or menial.*Be sure to share only what is relevant to your career and you have marked a turning point in your working life: a promotion, study abroad, associated specializations, etc..

    3.*Keep updated your experience
    When we move from one workplace to another, especially if we work on projects (and still operating positions), we have the opportunity to meet many people along the way.*We can not always keep tracking of where they are working, unless you ask them one by one, the reverse also happens: No one will know where to walk if you do not share.*We may be losing business opportunities.

    4.*Use and update your profile photo
    Another very neglected is that many have updated data but do not have a photo, a LinkedIn profile is almost a resume online, you must bring photo.*The reasons are many, but among them is the fact that they may not all have the great ability to remember names, but expensive.*Your photo is always an element to be considered, or at least evaluated.*Needless to say, put a decent.

    5.*Quality, not quantity in your network
    Also associated with privacy, you can not go accepting everyone in your network of LinkedIn just because you saw a lunch once in a floor where you worked, generally: avoid it.*It is good to establish ties and relations but each contact is, although an opportunity to expand our reach professional is also a sign that faith we know and share professional interests.

    6.*Upgrade your keywords
    While in Section 3 we referred to an update in general, deserves special mention section keywords (or keywords) in the list of suggestions for your*LinkedIn profile*.*The reason is that if your profile is configured to be used in searches, usually is a basic tool for job hunters.*If you're in search of work or new opportunities, the differential advantage.

    7.*Be specific
    Check your profile should not take much time, focus on what matters most, be specific in your accomplishments but without elaborating boring ending for anyone who has taken the time to review the information in your profile.*Be assertive in your interventions also in the groups you've joined, as these are displayed on your LinkedIn profile and the way you express may give greater or lesser value to your communication skills.

    Right now I can start with that, so stop for 5 minutes on Facebook and focus on something professional show.*Lol.