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Why has Google de-ranked my website?

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  • Why has Google de-ranked my website?

    While Google may often de-rank websites as part of a penalisation for unethical SEO practices; it may appear as if Google's algorithm has de-ranked your website when other websites appear higher in search listings to you - but often is the case that Google's algorithm may consider other websites have higher importance over yours for certain keywords - perhaps because their algorithms consider competing websites to have higher-quality content, or higher authority over your website. You can improve your website's rankings with high-quality content and advertising exposure. Are you a regular active member on a forum? Why not add a link to your website, blog or forum via your signature? Know other websites, blogs or forums that may be interested in link exchanging with your website, blog or forum? Why not link exchange? All basic things that contribute to your website's exposure. With more quality backlinks, high-quality and regularly-updating content - over time, Google will consider your website to be of a higher importance and your search engine listings will increase and improve over time.

    Google's recent algorithm updates including the Panda updates (which come on a regular basis) which are to better target websites with low-quality content. Many recent algorithm updates are also to target unnatural linking. Websites that have been penalised for this reason need to remove any offending backlinks or low-quality content. Google's algorithm will not remove any penalisations for unnatural backlinks or low-quality content until it is removed. In addition, a new signal in Google's algorithms is with the amount of legitimate DMCA takedown notices that are received for a given website. But don't worry, you may be the victim of other websites trying to get your site penalised by linking to your website pages unnaturally, but Google will not penalise websites simply over unnatural linking alone. At the least, Google will ignore any backlinks that are unnatural and will not be any factor towards the strength of your website's search engine optimisation.

    With regards to DMCA takedown notices for copyright infringement: Google likely uses a lot of factors before penalising a website under this new signal, such as the popularity of the website. However, if your website is the source of many DMCA takedown notices, Google will artificially lower your search engine rankings to serve as a deterrent to websites infringing copyrighted material. This signal is likely to affect websites that are generally used to download and share copyrighted material including Warez-BB, The Pirate Bay, Torrentz - among others.

    Generally, Google Panda updates do not cause as much of a fallout as did the first Panda update which had affected just under 12% of all US search results. With the original Panda update, many website owners will likely have experienced a difference in regular traffic from Google search result pages because of the changes in their search engine rankings that would have been caused as a result of the original Panda update; but generally, subsequent Panda updates hasn't affected as many search engine results - including the most recent Panda update which affected 0.4% of worldwide search results. Google makes regular algorithm updates to further refine and improve the search engine results for end users. Important algorithm updates released by Google will be announced on our blog when they happen.

    By the way, don't just focus on Google for search engine optimisation: Bing also plays a good role in the traffic you receive. According to comScore, for October 2012, the US usage share for the Bing search engine was at 16%, and according to Experian Hitwise, Bing usage share in the UK was at 4.71% as of October 2012. Bing has recently published their webmaster guidelines for webmasters offering a basis for how you can get your site indexed in Bing and to improve your website's search engine optimisation with respect to your site's listing in the Bing search engine. They also list things you should avoid doing - which are generally unethical SEO practices - which includes cloaking, link schemes and duplicate content (among other things).

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    Re: Why has Google de-ranked my website?

    Let me share with you my own strategy in fighting with such annoying fluctuations.

    1. Check your robots.txt, if you accidentally disallow some directories on your website.
    2. Check your page for presence of robots=noindex meta tag. Some seo-packs for CMS engines have this option enabled by default. Use it wisely.
    3. Check your internal linking structure. It might be the case that some of your internal links to the problematic/disappeared webpages get broken (use Google Webmaster Tools for that).
    4. Check your "description" meta tag on the problematic webpages. The text in this tag should vary from page to page. Google recently started throwing away pages with similar description fields (use Google Webmaster Tools to see pages with the same description field).
    5. Check your pages for duplicate content. If you get a lot of duplicate or non-unique content, Google may apply site-wise penalty.
    5.1. Some CMS engines have their internal by-default pages (forum, blogs, news, etc) which are not unique net-wise. If they accidentally get into index, Google might penalize the whole website to certain extend.
    6. Improve your internal linking structure. The best approach currently are not sitemaps or extensive menu, but interlinking in the style of Wikipedia - the internal links are inside the content. Google love it!
    7. Write and add some new and unique content for the problematic directories.
    8. Get some backlinks to these problematic directories from trustworthy websites.
    9. Finally, validate your html-code for serious bugs/mismatches of tags and for compliance with the standards.

    This post is mainly to share and upgrade the steps above. Please, feel free to add your recipes.
    will offer safety and comfortable journey enjoy its services