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A new Google guide with tips for Webmasters

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  • A new Google guide with tips for Webmasters

    One of the obsessions when creating a corporate website is your best position in searches. The SEO and Google is one of the basic questions that every webmaster should consider creating a website. For them, Google has released a new guide with tips for Webmasters to provide guidance to all web developers.

    Google wants quality pages to users while they are understandable and indexable for searching. One of the key sections within the quality guidelines are the techniques that we avoid in creating web pages and content. The search engine penalizes especially as these actions are automatically generated content, participate in link schemes, misleading redirects or hidden text or links, among others.

    Among the basic quality guidelines recommended by Google are sending page after the search, create a site map , for which we offer their webmaster tools. Others have more to do with the proper tracking of our website by the search engine, the keywords or using robot.txt files on websites created.

    Finally, comments on aspects of performance and load times of the page, which criminalize the positioning of the page. Also we recommend measuring your own tools to achieve these load times improve. The aim is that pages load faster especially on slow connections. Tips and similar to those made ​​for Startups to .

    The SEO is always a struggle between Google results you want, you are the best and most relevant pages, and those seeking companies that want to be at the top of the browser to ensure better visibility and thus better income. So look for shortcuts that Google tries to avoid penalizing practices and constantly introducing some minor changes to its ranking algorithm.