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    The Fact about Twitter

    Since I opened my Twitter account a year and half ago (July 2009) to date, I have used this technological tool for different purposes: personal, informational, and others with the intention of marketing (from different accounts). Throughout this time I have noticed a number of advantages and disadvantages that are associated with their use.

    Naturally this list of "facts" or "truths" are written in my point of view and experience I gained over this time and with use, and of course, to other (s) person (s) may be somewhat totally different, is a matter of subjective. My list is as follows ...

    Benefits of Twitter

    It's easy to open an account in this microblogging social network, in just a few minutes you can be publishing the content of your choice. (Click here to view)

    It is also easy to change and customize the user's personal page: customize the background of Twitter , your description and find friends.

    You may publish or post your content or comments directly from the Twitter website, or through hundreds of applications that can be used from your computer (PC) or from your cell phone (mobile), whether textual content (posts, coordinates GPS, web links), auditory (sound) or visual (photos, videos) in real time.

    You can send public or private messages, by mentioning the person or user of your choice, and the possibility exists that you respond: even famous people, the example is @ username

    If you are a brand or acquaintance, you can get thousands of followers in a short time through the mention of your account of this microblogging social network in advertising or presentations.

    Be updated in near real time to the events that are happening worldwide through direct monitoring of users or through the use of hashtags or use labels with numerals, # ejemploComun Opportunity to contact you directly with people of similar tastes and preferences, in addition to possibly find employment Regarding SEO, there is an advantage to grow your number of backlinks, I know they have the nofollow tag, making them unimportant to your site, but you should mention it.

    The other benefit related to SEO or search engine optimization is that DALYs the Google search engine (the only worthwhile) you have an article to be explored, so expect a prompt review. Obviously, if you have implemented other tools such as site maps and automatic pings to different websites, this point would be ineffective. I hope to talk about this in the near future, I promise.

    You may make money with Twitter as long as your product or service is in high demand and have hundreds or thousands of followers.

    Re: The Fact about Twitter

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