Google & Microsoft ordered to accept takedown requests.

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  • Eric Brown
    Re: Google & Microsoft ordered to accept takedown requests.

    Yep Google is getting lot of requests. Just hours after the court ruling Google has been overloaded with takedown requests from users wanting to get themselves removed from its search listings.

    As far as the criteria goes I assume it would be first come first serve

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  • Ryan
    Re: Google & Microsoft ordered to accept takedown requests.

    From what I have read on this, Google has already started getting a huge number of requests to remove objectionable personal information from its search engine and they are yet to figure out how to handle this expected flood of requests after Tuesday's ruling.

    I wonder what is the criteria for them to determine which take-down requests are legitimate and which ones aren't.

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  • Google & Microsoft ordered to accept takedown requests.

    In a ruling by the European Unionís (EU) Court of Justice, people have the right to get their listings taken down from search engines. This allows citizens to request search engines like Google and Bing to accept their requests and remove the search listings in question.

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    If the companies choose to not honour their requests or refuse to comply then people can seek help from the court or the data protection authority.

    This landmark decision means that Google. Bing or Yahoo must pay attention and comply to individual requests regarding search results that come up when someone conducts a search of their own name online.

    The EU decision applies to search engines, which means it will affect Google, Microsoft's Bing and Yahoo.

    The EU court said in a statement that it sought a balance between "the legitimate interest of internet users potentially interested in having access to that information" and privacy rights.