Adding Adsnes to proxy?

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    Adding Adsnes to proxy?

    Hello everyone. I have just built my first proxy site. I'm using the Glyp script. I have figured out how to add Adsense on the home page but I can't figure out how to add the code to show ads under the address bar when people go to a site.
    Just in case i'm not wording this right-- If somebody uses my proxy, enters a URL then it takes them to the page and has the URL bar at the top of the page. I want to put an ad under that bar. Please help!!
    Thanks in advance.

    I'm not sure if Google allows people to add Adsense ads on the proxified pages of proxy websites. Did you check out with Google before doing this?

    I suggest you stick to Adsense only on the main page. Maybe you could use Adbrite for the proxified pages.