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amount of text on page and indexing

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  • amount of text on page and indexing

    I was once told that search engines will often stop reading at a certain point on the page. For that reason, I usually develop each page up to about 400-600 words. If needed, I will create another page to continue the article.

    This doesn't cause a problem with the page itself being indexed, but has anyone found that their text at the end of long articles is not included in search results?

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    Well, I haven't heard something like this and I don't think this is the case as I have seen websites with a lot of text pages and all the pages are indexed properly. It's actually a matter of duplicate content. If the content is duplicate, it will be ignored by search engines.


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      I thought this rule was purely for the reader's attention purposes. If too much is on a given page, then sometimes it discourages readers from reading the whole article.


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        It is your responsibility to write information which would keep the reader engaged. As far as indexing is concerned, you may find such an instance when the article posted is new and only some part of it is crawled by the search engines. This is due to a fact that the bots visit a particular page for a certain amount of time, in this time they'd read everything they can and register it in their database. In the next visits, the rest of the part would be crawled, so eventually everything gets crawled and indexed. So, you need not worry about the number of characters you post in an article, provided it is high quality and keeps the reader engaged.


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          Longer articles should do even better as long as they're not padded, but rather packed with information. The more text you have, the more possible keywords and phrases you will have to be triggered in searches. The only length or cutoff stipulation that Google has expressed is the number of links. They say not to go over either 100 or 150 per page. I don't remember the exact number although I would think getting close to even 100 links would be problematic for most sites.


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            That upper limit on links would apply to outbound links only I assume. However, I don't guess you'd want to bombard your page even with internal links approaching those numbers unless it's a site map.