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JPEG compression of images

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  • JPEG compression of images

    I don't use photos very often because it adds to loading time. What is the best image software for compressing JPGs as much as possible without a noticeable sacrifice of quality?

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    Image software varies in the degree of compression. However, you will get a relative degradation in quality for any degree of compression. In other words, "excellent" compression means a lower quality while less compression helps you maintain image quality.


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      JPEG technology was designed to compress photographs without a noticeable effect on quality. As long as the resolution of the original image is good, most images compress rather well as long as the images don't include text.


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        Some JPEGs that have a lot of detail and very contrasting colors in a small area might have some jagged edges. In most cases, these won't be obvious unless you click on the magnifying icon. I'd go for maximum compression for most images unless the image size is very small.