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301 redirect for old cart pages

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  • 301 redirect for old cart pages

    Hi all,

    I have a unique situation. For years I used a shopping cart that was made by a guy and I ended up being the only person who ever used it.

    The shopping cart contained a duplicate of my website, so if you added an item and wanted to continue shopping, you were then directed to a duplicate site, but under the SAME domain.

    Well I have about 600 of these pages that I want to redirect, just to clean up all the 404's.

    My question is can I do a single redirect for all of them since they all have a domain starting the same? ie, <--only after this forward slash does the url change for each page.

    Can I do a general 301 that takes all urls starting with this initial extension and redirect it without entering in all the individual urls?

    Any other suggestions, the pages have no value, contain no unique info, I just want to correct the error, keep in mind that my technical knowledge is somewhat limited too, but with my hostgator acct I am able to 301 individual urls, just hoping not to have to key 600+ urls.

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    Re: 301 redirect for old cart pages

    Hi, I think you can easily do this at Plesk. If you search the forum, there are tons of ways to do this.
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