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    Summary of Website Promotion

    People spend a lot of time learning how to design a website. The story does not end there. After designing your website, you have to promote it. A well designed website may be hosted and no customer would want it.

    You may have to retype all the text in the main website pages. Each important page in a website has to be characterized by keywords. Keywords are words that customers typically use in the business. Even the titles in the title tags of the pages should be characterized by keywords.

    When the website has been hosted, you have to submit the site to popular search engines (,, To do this, go to the search engine site and search for the submission page. Submit the URL of your home page there.

    After that, exchange links with about 50 active websites. By the phrase "active websites" I am referring to sites that people (customers) are already using. Exchanging links means the webmaster of a site places the hyperlink of your site (home page) in one of the pages of his site and you place the hyperlink of his home page in one of the pages of your site.

    After that, after 3 months, you should be having a reasonable number of visitors per month, for your site.