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Data And Relational Database

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  • Data And Relational Database

    Data is useful information. Data can be kept in the form of tables or as prose (essay). Data in companies are generally kept in tables. In this article I talk about data kept in tables.

    Example of Table Data
    The following table has data:

    FirstName LastName Address City Sate Zipcode Country
    John, Smith, 25 Big Road, Londin, California, 58963, USA
    Mary Jones, 45 Small Street, Cardoff, New York, 58741, USA
    Peter Wright, 15 New Road, Birmingham, England, 2567, UK
    Woo Obama, 17 Spear Street, Toronto, Capital State, 12457, Canada

    This is a table of identification information of some individuals. It has 7 columns with headings: FirstName, LastName, Address, City, Sate, Zipcode and Country. The table has 4 data rows. The number of rows can be increased with more individual data. Note: The singular of data is datum. A table is made up of cells. The cell in row 2 (do not count the heading row) and column 2, can be considered to have the datum, "25 Big Road". A lot of company data take this form.

    A database is a number related tables. A supermarket for example would have a database, where one table has the customer information; another table has the products information; another table has data on employees. There are other tables in the database, which we shall see later.

    Relational and Object Database
    A relational database is the organization of data directly from tables (see details later). An object database is the organization of data indirectly from tables as if data consisted of objects (that you can pick). Object database is still under development and is still to become popular. Most companies today use relational database. For the rest of this article and the articles that follow, I will talk mainly about relational database.

    Database Server
    A database server is software that stores and retrieves data in a database. The database server is in a computer. Examples of relational database servers are, MSSQL, MySQL, Microoft Access, Sybase and Oracle. A lot of data (information) of the Internet are kept by these database servers. Among them, MySQL is free; you do not need to buy it; you just download it from the Internet.

    Optimized Tables
    Tables of a database are not stored arbitrarily. You need to learn how to create them in an optimized fashion. Before you can start learning how to use the MySQL server or some other server, you need to first learn how to create optimized tables.

    I have prepared a tutorial series for you on this subject (optimizing tables of a database). Optimized tables are called normalized tables. The tutorials are free in a website on the Internet; also, the examples of the tutorials are well formatted (typed out). After learning how to produce optimized tables and other things, you will be able to write data applications for the Internet or desktop computer and ultimately have employment.

    Click the following hyperlink to start the tutorials:

    Data And Relational Database