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    Web Hosting Today

    It is more than 10 years since the Internet was born. Of course, things have changed. At the time of the start of the Internet, you needed a specialist to host your website for you. Today, anybody who is computer literate can host a website. At the start of the Internet, "website" was written as two words, "web site", by many, if not, the majority of the people in the Anglophone world. Today, and from my own assessment, it is the opposite in the Anglophone world.

    What is the Internet?
    The Internet is a network of computers all over the world. Each of these computers is called a host. The one in your office or home is also called a host, but information in it cannot normally be seen by Internet users. A host having information that can be seen by Internet users is called a computer server. Software servers also exist. The principal software in the computer server, that displays (sends to client) the information to Internet users is called, the Web Server.

    The computer in the office or home that is used to connect to the Internet server is called the client computer, to differentiate it from the server computer. In simple terms, you can say the Internet is the connection of client and server computers. There is other equipment in the network, but the ordinary person does not need to worry about them.

    What is Website Hosting?
    A website consists of a number of files. Of all these files, not all can be seen by the public Internet users. The files whose contents are seen by the public Internet users are called HTML files. The web server is responsible for displaying (sending to a home computer, for example) the HTML files. A set of files you would find in a website are script files. A script file is a program file that does some automatic analysis, and would send a feedback to the Internet user (of the site). Other files you may find at the website, may be image, video or sound files. A website may also have a database server. A database is a set of organized data. A database server is software that maintains the database.

    The HTML files and other files of a website can be produced in the office or at home. After completion of the files, they are uploaded into an Internet host computer. These files form a website in the Internet. The Internet host computer houses a number of websites. So, hosting a website means housing the files of the website. The process of sending the files from the office or home computer to the Internet server is called Uploading.

    Uploading the Files
    When Internet was started, you needed a specialist to upload files. As time went on, there were programs called FTP programs to upload files. You had to install the FTP programs in your home or office computer. Today, a good website hosting company offers a program at the company host website, for the website designer to upload the files from his home or office computer, to the host Internet computer. This host Internet computer is owned by the hosting company.

    There is a company called, cPanel. This company has written software called cPanel. The cPanel software has been sold to many hosting companies. One of the functions of the cPanel software is to enable a website designer upload a website set of files to the Internet host server. The cPanel software is installed in the server computer and not in the client computer. The cPanel software is very easy to use and can be used by the ordinary person. Instructions to the different steps in the cPanel software are accessible next to the step commands.

    The cPanel software runs at the server, but is commanded by the website designer at the client computer. The cPanel commands are in web pages. So, you need a browser to use the cPanel. The commands are HTML hyperlinks and/or buttons in the web pages.

    The cPanel software gives you the possibility to upload files, one-by-one or as a set. In the case of uploading files as a set, the website designer needs to have a compatible operating system at the client machine, and he needs to have a fast Internet line.

    Website Design
    Today, anybody can design a website, thanks to cPanel. The cPanel software also offers web design features. If you are good in using a web processor, such as MS Word, and if you are Internet literate, then you can use cPanel to design a website. Remember, cPanel is run at the server, even though you execute it from the client.

    If you are not a professional website designer, then the problem you will have with this simple approach is, that the website you design will not be search engine friendly; it may not be well presented and it may not be convenient to use. It may also have some technical errors. Whatever is the case, cPanel makes the design and hosting of a website easier for both the professional and the novice (ordinary person).

    There is a hosting company that has all the modern facilities (including cPanel) to host a website today. The company offers 24/7 support. You can make payments to this company by Money Bookers, PayPal, Western Union and MoneyGrams. The hosting of a website today, is very cheap and anybody should own one. The company hosts websites for both desktop computers and smartphones. The hyperlink to this hosting company is:

    Fine Hosting

    Having a domain name (e.g. fine-hosting.com) and hosting are two different processes. The company, Fine Hosting, will do both for you conveniently and fast.

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