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  • Mastering Html5

    You have studied the HTML5 basics. That is good, but you are not in the position to face challenges, in HTML. In order to face challenges, you have to master HTML 5. In this article, I introduce you to a tutorial series that will enable you master HTML5. In the tutorial series, you will learn more about some of the things you learned in HTML 5 Basics. You will also learn new things. After the tutorial series, so far as HTML is concerned, you will be able to design professional websites.

    The Tutorial Series Content
    You will learn how to make a web page refresh itself periodically without the user clicking the Reload (or Refresh) Button. You will learn how to make a tooltip appear in a web page. You will learn how to handle foreign characters. You will learn how to produce Questions and Answers gallantly on a web page. You will learn more on attributes and what they can control. You will learn how to control the focusing of elements when the tab key is pressed. You will learn the secrets of the HTML 'a' element.

    You will learn how to give different areas of a table different formats (colors). You will learn how to optimize the use of the paragraph element. You will learn all the different ways to do basic formatting of text (sub script for example). The option element will be looked at in more detail. The label element will be revisited with some now techniques about it, learned. You will finalize your knowledge on the new audio and video elements.

    The production of Forms, from a professional angle, will be addressed. You will study the new time element. More will be said on inline and block-level elements. At the end, you will learn how to partition a web page using frames.

    As you can see, so many good things lie ahead of you. After the series, you will be able to face challenges so far as HTML coding is concerned. When HTML professionals are talking, you will be able to join them and talk, as well.

    Learning at your own Pace
    The tutorials are free. You will learn them at your own pace. You can take a short time or a long time, but do not take too long. If you are studying HTML as part-time, then you can read one or two tutorials a day. If you are learning as full-time, then you should read at least four tutorials a day. Many of the tutorials are short. In my opinion, you should not skip more than one day, before you read the next tutorial.

    I have already finished preparing the tutorial series. The tutorials have been written in a step-by-step fashion. They are well formatted (typed out) and there is no missing special character. Click the following hyperlink to start:

    Mastering Html5


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    Thanks for the link. I am creating a new Online Food Ordering System, and I wanted to implement the advanced and latest techniques in HTML / JS / PHP scripts. Your site will definitely help me come up with better web forms.

    Amazing coincidence! There is a (form) script on your site which is quite similar to the one I wrote this evening! I had silently prayed for all the help I could get in completing the project and here you are!

    Hope you're not having very strict rules about the Copyright of the material on your site. (j/k here).


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      You are welcome, sb123 .