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    PHP is one of the most popular computer languages out there, today. In this article I tell you the value of PHP and give you a link where you can study the important aspects of PHP. I also talk about the PHP course. PHP means Hypertext Preprocessor. Do not worry about that vocabulary for now. Also do not worry about the first 'p', which was just added.

    A script is a short program. PHP is meant to be writing short programs.

    Server Scripting
    The Internet is a network of computers. The computer you use in your office or home to connect to the Internet, is called, the client. The computer in the Internet having the website or web information, is called, the server. There are many servers in the Internet. PHP is one of the languages used to write scripts for the server. PHP operates at the server.

    Freely Available
    The PHP interpreter (software that allows you to write PHP) is free to download from the Internet. There are many versions of PHP. I have Windows XP operating system. The PHP version that works in my operating system is PHP 5.2.8. Note the 2 decimal points in the version number. The file I actually downloaded for this, is named, "php-5.2.8-win32-installer.msi".

    Learning PHP at Home
    In order to learn PHP at home, you will need a personal web server, a browser and the PHP interpreter. I have Apache 2.2.10 for personal web server. You will see the details of all these later.

    My PHP Course
    The course has the important aspects you need to code many things in PHP. There is a portion in the course titled, "Advanced Topics". You will not have to study the advance topics before you can use PHP to learn a profession like Web Development (see later). However you should come back and read the advance topics later, in order to be an expert in PHP programming.

    You need little mathematics to understand the course. The little mathematics you need is taught in the course. After you complete the course, in life, you will have the choice of using PHP to solve problems that are mathematical in nature or problems that are not mathematical in nature.

    Some of the Topics Covered
    You may not understand some of the things in this section, but let me just say them for the sake of those who already have small knowledge in PHP. Some of the topics learned are: PHP Basics, Directories and PHP, Understanding PHP Reference, PHP Regular Expressions, PHP Data Types Simplified, PHP Operators, PHP Function Arguments, Understanding Variable Scope in PHP, Object Oriented Programming in PHP, Exception Handling in PHP, and more...

    If you know how to use the computer, then you can start the course. In other words, if you are computer literate, you can start the course. Do not get frightened, by the little mathematics you will be taught in the course.

    So, I have prepared the tutorials for you. It is a volume with a good number of series. The tutorials have been written in a step-by-step fashion. They are well formatted with no missing special character. To begin the course, click the following hyperlink:

    PHP 5 Tutorials