The Art of Web Development with PHP and MySQL

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    The Art of Web Development with PHP and MySQL

    Web Development is considered as a vague topic. However, if you look at web development as an Internet application, whereby the client uses a browser in one computer, and at the other end you have a web server and a database server in a host computer, then there are a lot of good things one can say about web development. In this case, web development, strictly means the production of such an application. It is in that light that I write this article and introduce you to a tutorial series.

    At the Client
    The word, client, here means, the Internet client computer and/or the user of the client computer. For a web development application, at the client, all you need is the browser, as software tool.

    At the Server
    A server can mean a computer or some software. In this paragraph, a server means the Internet host computer that processes the request from the client. The server computer has the web server software and the database server software. In the communication between the client and the database, before data can go into the database (server) or leave it, it must pass through the web server.

    Server Script
    A script is a short program. You need a language like Perl or PHP to write such scripts. A server computer has a number of scripts. The scripts for a web development site is associated with the web server software. The scripts play the role of interface between the web server and the database server. One of such scripts may be responsible for sending emails.

    Assume that a web page has a Form and the data filled in the Form is to end up in an email server somewhere in the Internet. When the client clicks the Submit button, the data of the form first goes to the web server of the site. From there a server script automatically picks it up. The script converts the data into a form suitable for an email server. It then sends the email data to the email server. The email server has email boxes. The email server may be in a computer different from the web server computer.

    Smartphone Involvement
    How does the smartphone get fitted into all this? Consider a smartphone as a computer of low capacity. A smartphone accesses the Internet in a way that very old computers do. Since old computers can access web development applications, smartphones can also access web development applications. In order to make the access convenient, smartphones have their own websites and scripts. Smartphone access can share the same web server and database server as modern desktop computers.

    PHP and MySQL
    PHP is a language used to produce server scripts. MySQL is a database server. A database server maintains a database. A database is a collection of organized data.

    I have already prepared a tutorial series on the Art of Web Development with PHP and MySQL. The tutorials have been written in a step-by-step fashion. No special character is missing in the tutorials. The links to the different parts of the series are easily accessible on each page. Click the following link to start the series.

    Tutorials for The Art of Web Development with PHP and MySQL