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Improve your website loading time and speed

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  • Improve your website loading time and speed

    If your website loading time is lagging, then speed it up 10XCDN Services. The 10XCDN has the best performance/price ratio from all of CDNs. They have outstanding coverage around the whole world. I'm very satisfied in 10XCDN. With their CDN I have good webpage performance. I love the fact I got a Test Trial before I bought them.. They gave really good integration support. Call them for your requirements on 91-44 6575 6699

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    Things you can do to speed up your site:
    • Minimize HTTP Requests.
    • Reduce server response time.
    • Enable compression.
    • Enable browser caching.
    • Minify Resources.
    • Optimize images.
    • Optimize CSS Delivery.
    • Prioritize above-the-fold content.
    • Reduce the number of plugins you use on your site
    However, iIf you are obsessed with your SEO and want to completely maximize your site’s performance, get a dedicated server now.


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      The cloud can be used for more than just file storage. Proper cloud integration options into your websites can surely impact on website load time. It also saves you becoming a victim to hackers or viruses. Today, where user experience rules – lots of graphics and videos and fast website load times can indeed live in harmony. It's quite true that cloud offers the perfect solution to provide it all without compromising the overall user experience.